Grégory Massal

Welcome to my profile page

I am a full time programmer. I work mostly in C++ on Windows driver development. I currently live in the Austin, TX area.

Outside of work, I enjoy

  • programming
  • photography
  • video games
  • singing
  • painting, drawing
  • writing
  • playing, composing music
  • socializing

I write on and maintain the following websites

I’m more or less proficient in these areas

  • Computer graphics
  • Real time rendering
  • Driver development
  • C++
  • Windows development and debugging tools
  • Development on hardware emulators (Software and FPGA)
  • Digital photography and manipulation
  • Ray tracing algorithms
  • General game industry knowledge
  • Basic game programming

I’ve lived, mostly, in

  • France
  • Silicon Valley, CA
  • Austin, TX

I speak

  • French
  • English